Commissioned Ink Portraits

That special glimmer in his eye. The spirit behind her unique personality. That very special car. Even that unique charm of your home. From your dad's playful sense of humour, to the one-of-a-kind expressions no other pet in the world has, to that special something in your life, they all combine to make that our lives that much special!

When you commission portraits of your special companion, family member, pet or even that very special something in your life for yourself or as a gift, you want something much more unique than mere paint on canvas. By contrast, the technique that will be used for your special drawing will be done by me in a technique shunned by many artists as being 'too arduous', 'too time consuming' or even 'crazy' - Pointillism in Ink. Using only dots with technical drawing pens measuring no wider than 1 millimetre in diameter, and done by hand, you can rest assured that every single significant detail of that face, smile or that personality is justifiably captured in a true one-of-a-kind original!

That's why the custom portraits you receive from me capture the true individuality of that very special part of your life in such a way that you simply won't be able to take your eyes off of it.

Contact Lincoln Gabriel directly
via SMS @ 84996088 for a discussion NOW!

35cm X 35cm (approx. 2.1million dots. 30-40hours of work)

About the Artist
A practicing artist of more than 20 years in the delicate art of ink drawing using the pointillism technique, Lincoln Gabriel is also the founder and owner of Art Boot Camp, Singapore's leading art enrichment institution for children. His clientele have included individuals the world over.

Each commissioned work of art is typically at least 25cm x 25cm and above. Price will depend largely on budget, the size and time of work put in. For a quote, kindly contact Lincoln directly via SMS at 84996088 or email

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