Our Founder

Art Boot Camp is the realization of the lifelong dream of a man called Lincoln Gabriel.

With more than a decade of active military experience as an officer, Lincoln has specialized skills in facilitation, mentoring, personnel development, and methods of instruction. Having long harboured a desire to apply the positive aspects of what he learned in the military to the calling of the world of art, he personally developed the concept of Art Boot Camp, with valuable input from both local and foreign practicing artists and educators, training development professionals, as well as individuals from within the creative circles.

Art Boot Camp not only marries Lincoln’s professional past with his personal passion, but also draws on and builds on his love of children.
He is an officer, an artist and loving father to two children.



Oil on Canvas



Oil Pastel on Canvas

“Joy of Life”

Ink on Paper


Lincoln Gabriel is a man who appreciates that, behind every success – be it a triumphant military campaign or a great work of art – lies methodical and disciplined planning.

Art Boot Camp embodies that conviction. Hence, it adopts... a disciplined approach to creativity.