Our Values

The Art Boot Camp value system makes a huge difference to children’s general behaviour. We’re talking lessons for life. Pretty pictures aside, the big picture is where you’ll really see the value of Art Boot Camp.

Key elements of Art Boot Camp’s value system are:

By this, we mean self-respect and respect for others. To create a respectful environment for all, we teach and lead by example. For example: we always wash paintbrushes thoroughly out of respect for the next Art Boot Camper; we look for something to praise rather than criticise in Campers’ works... Basic but important stuff that makes the world a nicer place to live in!

In a large room filled with challenging materials and countless opportunities for problem-solving and self-expression, each child begins to learn as well as lead, begins to explore as well as teach. We believe that this is the beginning, the foundation upon which everything else is built in a child's life.

By this, we mean listening to others and not talking over them. Know that you yourself are worth listening to, but hey, please wait your turn. In fact, Art Boot Camp practices a really simple yet magically effective routine for getting kids to speak one at a time. You’ll take it back home and want to use it for life!

By this, we actually mean a combination of patience and that other P-word, Perseverance. If at first you don’t succeed, DON’T give up! The most satisfying skills are those that don’t come easily. Mastering how to draw a smiley face is not such a big deal, right? A couple of dots, a curve and a circle – that’s it. But have you ever enjoyed the thrill of learning how to draw a decent horse? It takes discipline and time, and many attempts, but it’s sheer joy once you’ve nailed it.



“The future
looks bright…”